Welcome to the Place-based Learning And Community Engagement in School (PLACES) website! Travel through our site to learn about the exciting things that children in Wai'anae Elementary School are learning and doing within our program.

Who We Are

PLACES is an exciting collaborative venture between Wai'anae Elementary School in Oahu, Hawaii, the University of Hawaii, Manoa's Office of Student Equity, Excellence & Diversity (SEED), and the local community of Wai'anae and Oahu. The project is funded through the Department of Education, Native Hawaiian Education Program.

What We Do

PLACES supports the planning and implementation of Place-based, Cultural Projects (PBCP) for the children at Wai'anae Elementary. These projects provide opportunities for children to engage with community and develop habits of social activism and environmental stewardship while they simultaneously develop the skills and strategies outlined in Hawaii's Content and Performance Standards and The Common Core Standards.

Out-of-School programs offered after school and on the weekends through PLACES extend children's opportunities to be engaged in highly motivating learning experiences within the arts and sciences, provide children with health and fitness opportunities, and generally increase the amount of time children spend learning and in positive interactions with adults and other children.

Who We Work With

PLACES partners with a broad section of community organizations and individuals within the local Wai'anae community and the larger community of Oahu to leverage community resources, including those within agriculture, the arts, natural resource development, and higher education.

The Slam Poetry night was memorable because the kids hearts were lit up, inspired, and they had confidence. You got the sense they were thinking 'everyone is looking at me because I have created something. This is my piece, and I'm sharing it..

– PLACES Teacher

[On the Slam Poetry Night] Every child came down feeling they accomplished something. This is what we want for our children. I look forward to the children lighting up and saying, 'hey, I can do it all by myself.

– PLACES Teacher

PLACES is an opportunity to engage and collaborate with great minds!

– PLACES Teacher